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My Job Shadow Day as a High School Senior at a Busy Digital Marketing Firm

By Honor Olsen | 02/19/18

When I heard that my school was attempting to do a job shadow program, I was skeptical. What was the point of watching someone do his or her job all day? After today however, that skepticism is long gone. I got the chance to spend the better part of my day shadowing Justin Hoffman, an account manager and digital marketing specialist at Seejepp Creative Studio. My school counselor was the one to recommend Justin, and this led to a day full of learning.

I have always wanted to go into a career field that involved art, preferably graphic design. I was told to come to this local company to get an idea of what actually happens behind the scenes of this line of work. I am quite pleased with my choice of visiting this company for many reasons:

The first reason is the fun-natured communication that takes place between the people at Seejepp. It made the environment very relaxing for me. I can only imagine how welcomed clients must feel when they go there. The people are all so professional and communicative there; I am impressed by how fun they are while maintaining a professional outlook. It is an impressive accomplishment.

Another reason I found Seejepp to be so great would be that as an aspiring artist, I was motivated by this experience. To give me a deeper look into how design works within this company, I was given two assignments. I was told to create a tagline and to sketch out a company logo. Designing something for a real, local business seems like it would be really high pressure, but with the humorous atmosphere I didn’t feel nervous or under pressure at all. I gained greater knowledge of how this creative process works, and it was a great experience.

My final reason, and possibly the most important, was that the day was also very educational. I was taught how a creative company like this works, I witnessed first-hand how employees interact and communicate with each other while juggling multiple projects, I was shown how advertisement ties in with design, and how a company can profit from design. I have always had a basic idea how this industry operated, but this experience definitely provided me with a deeper understanding and left me feeling more knowledgeable.

This day was one that will look back fondly on. I have learned new things, I have met new people, and I have experienced what is like to work in graphic design company. I believe that this company will achieve great things, and i can’t wait to see what they will accomplish in the near future. I would consider myself lucky to work at a company like this one, and I strive to do so in the future.

The Timarie Takeover

By Timarie Harrison | 02/08/18

I used to write using Times New Roman in font size 12, but I have recently changed into an Arial size 11 type of gal. This is just one of the many aspects of my day-to-day routine that working at Seejepp has altered. Other ways they have altered my daily routine include (but are not limited to) going on coffee runs for the entire office (without having to write anything down, I might add), meeting with local business owners, hearing about Fantasy Football (still…), accompanying video shoots, running social media for people other than myself, attempting to get Mason to the Super Bowl, and of course being a part of the Seejepp Show.

Last week, Corey went to Hawaii for a ten day vacation, although we office lingerers knew that it was a test rather than a vacation that would challenge us to make it through the week without burning the office down in his absence. We were successful. During his trip, I was responsible for the Seejepp Show, a show that typically consists of Corey’s daily events as a modern day entrepreneur, who is followed around by our talented videographer Josh, who then carefully edits the footage to appear as some sort of hip, small town, reality series. Sounds like a piece of cake, right?

In high school, I was practically made for being on stage; I was the captain of the improv team, the class president, and competed in drama competitions. It turns out that this is much different than being followed by a cameraman during ordinary work days. To be quite honest, it was very uncomfortable for me in the beginning. I’m used to giving scripted speeches that are well rehearsed, or playing a certain character other than myself. Having to be myself in front of a camera was completely foreign to what I had thought to be my well rounded experience. But I prevailed.

How Your Brand Will Survive the Latest Facebook Changes

By Corey Jeppesen | 01/24/18

If you haven’t heard, Mark Zuckerberg published this post on January 11. In it, Mark gives users a heads up about changes coming to our news feed. We’re going to see more posts from our friends and family - and fewer posts from businesses, media channels, and public pages.

According to the post, research shows that when we engage with our friends and family online, it can actually have a positive effect on our emotional health and mental well-being. But endlessly scrolling through viral content doesn’t seem to have the same beneficial effects.

I am all for connecting with those you love (that’s what makes the hustle worth it). But I’ve got a few bones to pick with this change...

First, let me point out that I don’t think this shift will impact local businesses as drastically as the viral pages with millions of fans spread across the globe. In my opinion, the change is largely political. We’ve seen pages like CNN and Fox News take over our news feeds at times. I think Facebook is tired of being a digital mule for politically charged messages - on both sides.