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My First 15 Hours at Seejepp

By Georgia Henkle | 12/31/17

A couple months ago I was presented with the incredible opportunity to job shadow at Seejepp for two weeks. I went to a few other design companies to see if I could get a fifteen hour internship for my senior project, and thankfully, Seejepp decided to take a chance on me, and I'm so glad they did.

I learned a lot about Seejepp’s business philosophy when I began my search for an internship. When I first came into contact with them, they were excited that I wanted to be a part of their team and took me in with open arms. Their attitude toward me was a true reflection of the positive way they interact with their clients, and the vision they have for the future of the company. Seejepp genuinely cares about giving each and every business what it needs to thrive, and they always do their best to help anyone who walks through their door. 

When I first found Seejepp, I knew there was something special about it; I could see it in the work on their website, the posts on their Instagram, and the overall atmosphere of their work environment. There was something different about them, but I couldn’t figure out what it was in the beginning. 

After completing my 15 hours over the course of a few weeks, I finally figured it out! It was the combination of all the different people there that made it so special, and that's what sets them apart from other companies. The people there create a fun, casual, yet professional atmosphere that anyone - client or employee, will enjoy and feel at ease in. 

Everyone at Seejepp truly loves the work they do, and that passion shows in all that they accomplish. They are always willing to take risks and explore new ideas: something many companies are too afraid to do. 

Have you heard of the Seejepp Show?

By Timarie Harrison | 12/12/17

The Seejepp Show is an up-and-coming, unscripted vlog based in the Pacific Northwest and created by local business owner, Corey Jeppesen. Corey is an entrepreneur based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho who owns a marketing firm known as Seejepp Creative Studio. With everything he does, Corey wants to incorporate transparency; he wants people to know exactly what he is doing in the marketing game to show that everyone is capable of creating a solid platform for his or her business. He also wants to express the importance of digital marketing, knowing that it is a factor that could make or break a business.

The Seejepp Show captures all of this and more. Videographer, Josh Blakley, follows Corey throughout his work days to gather relevant, applicable, and practical marketing content. This show offers easy access to real time advice at your disposal for FREE. Every drop of information that comes from this show is raw and comes from Corey’s personal experience. You will see local business owners coming together, hear pointers that you can actually use, and get motivated by Corey’s upbeat and driven personality.

This show was inspired by The DailyVee, a vlog by Gary Vaynerchuk that holds many of the same ideas and concepts pertaining to marketing and business ownership. Corey finds most of his inspiration from Vaynerchuk due to his edgy style and go-getter tendencies. You will find many similarities between these two hustlers.

Whether you’re looking for business inspiration, motivation, or just looking for some quality content, The Seejepp Show with Corey Jeppesen is well worth your while.

There’s a New Girl…and I Don’t Mean Jess

By Timarie Harrison | 12/07/17

If you don’t understand the title, then I suppose you’ve found your next Netflix-binging-extravaganza. New Girl is one of my all time favorite shows; this comical series is about a girl named Jess (played by the ever so lovely Zooey Deschanel) who finds herself moving into an apartment with three men she barely knows. Although I’m not living with them, I recently took up a nine-to-five job where I, like Jess, am the only female within the vicinity. With little knowledge of my FIVE new male counterparts, I began working at Seejepp as the new copywriter and only employee who has been spotted wearing overalls and/or decorative tights.

In a world where feminist-driven stories are plastered on the radar every day via web and social media, my #girlpower defending ladies may be wondering what it’s like to work in a male dominated establishment in the conservative state of Idaho. As a feminist who simply strives for equality among all men and women, I can testify that working at Seejepp in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho has been nothing but an empowering learning experience.

Aside from blocking out the fantasy football banter that happens daily, I have nothing negative to say about the gentlemen I work with. As the copywriter who has never actually written copy before this job, I’ve had to learn all of the ropes, and when it comes to this line of work, there are MANY ropes to learn. My coworkers have been very patient in teaching me the tricks of this trade, and they always make it a priority for me to know how appreciated my work is at the end of each day. There is a very obvious level of respect that I feel when I come to work, which is (unfortunately) more than many people I know can say. Not to mention that I am much younger than most of the guys here, but it never feels that way. The natural sense of classic office humor and daily coffee runs have lead me to feel included, and like a part of something greater rather than a young, naive, new girl.

I am excited to continue working with Seejepp because aside from the positive work environment, I have the privilege to learn valuable business skills that I can carry with me throughout my writing career. Also, there have been four corgi puppies spotted in the office and two donut-filled days since I began working here… what’s not to love about this place?