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Your Most Valuable Investment

By Corey Jeppesen | 12/04/17

The world has gone digital. There’s no turning back. And that’s good news for you.

Because it’s easier than ever to create a compelling digital presence that attracts potential customers right to your door. You just need to know how. (Or you need to work with people who know how.)

I see too many business owners neglecting their online presence. They want to be respected in the business community, but their website looks like the latest and greatest from 2003. They’re scratching their heads to “reach people where they are,” while their social media pages are a ghost town (even though the average person spends 116 minutes a day on social media).

Nothing will ever replace the value of a face to face meeting. The issue is that people are silently judging your business online before ever stepping through your door. From the comfort of their couch, they’re deciding whether or not to do business with you. That’s the world we live in.

Here’s my question: are you prepared for people to make silent decisions about you, based solely on your digital presence? And a better question: are you proud of what they’ll find? Are you excited to send people to your website and social media channels? Or do you keep these assets hidden under the rug, hoping nobody stumbles upon them? 

Your potential customers are looking you up without your permission and deciding if they should take the next step.

People sometimes ask me, “What is the ROI of a good website or branding redesign?” And I answer with a question, “What is the foundation of your home worth?” Your digital presence is the foundation of all your marketing. It is the greatest investment you could possibly make. When you invest in your online brand, you’re communicating that you intend to be around for a while. It’s one of the few investments that can pay off immediately and for years to come.

Other times I answer their question by asking, “How much business are you willing to lose because your online presence fails to show your true value?” At that point, they tend to catch on quickly. If you place the world’s most valuable gemstones inside of an old cardboard box, don’t be surprised if people walk right by.

SEO & Meta is like a Sweater

By Timarie Harrison | 11/21/17

When developing a business, each aspect can be compared to the threads of a sweater. All of the threads come together to create the sweater, and if one comes loose, it can be subject to unraveling. A business is a combination of many different parts. If one is missing, there can be some serious repercussions. One critical thread to your business-sweater that should be a point of focus is the meta titles and descriptions aspect. Although these are not written anywhere within one’s website, they are the flashing neon signs that will attract clients and customers as they scroll by.

Meta titles and descriptions are what show up on the back end of your website. If this doesn’t sound familiar, think of anything you’ve ever Googled. The meta title is the blue text and the description is the smaller writing found below it. These are solely written for search purposes; if written correctly, your page will be ranked higher on the search engines that people use to find the products and services that you provide. Many SEO (Search Engine Optimization) companies use auto generators to write these, which can be easily detected by Google. Great meta writing is important and can be the bridge that will connect you to new customers. At Seejepp, each meta title and description is written in house and with great care. Strong keywords are utilized in a natural way that is appealing to the viewer and Google-approved.

AdSpend is another essential that should not be ignored by your business. This is the additional dollar amount on top of our management fee. It’s the cost that platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo charge that will allow you to advertise on their sites. The more money you spend, the further your reach will be. We take this dollar amount and spread it out daily. We typically recommend Google and Facebook for paid marketing campaigns, considering that is where most people are located and where they can be easily reached.

Meta titles, descriptions, and AdSpend are three pieces of your business that are more important than ever in today’s day and age. Technology is rapidly advancing, and your business should be keeping up with its momentum. Stay up to speed and prevent your sweater from unraveling by staying on top of these things, or better yet, let Seejepp do it for you.

Back in the Graphic Design Game: Blakley's Return to Civilization

By Josh Blakley | 08/21/17

Turns out that surviving a new job after not having any responsibilities while on the Pacific Crest Trail for around two months isn’t that difficult. Well, I should say responsibilities of the real world like: getting up at a specific time, not being late, getting gas, driving to work, clocking in and out. Things like that. 

When I got back I saw Corey, owner of Seejepp, posted an ad on Facebook saying he is looking to hire a new graphic designer in Coeur d’ Alene, ID. This was the perfect opportunity for me. I just got back and needed a job. I know the Seejepp team from going to college with them, so I went for it. I gathered my portfolio, made a resume in just a day and applied for the position. I was pretty determined to get my act together to help support my family. 

Corey emailed me back later that day and asked if I could come in for an interview the next day. I casually replied and the interview was booked. It was when my girlfriend and I were on our way to some good ol’ Idaho camping that Corey called me and offered me the job. I was ecstatic to say,

“I would love to work with you guys!” 

I was hired for not only the design position but photography as well which is super exciting because now I get to do two things I love.

It’s been about two months since joining the Seejepp team and it has been nothing but great. Corey’s biggest thing is making sure all of us are adding value. It’s motivational to see such a dedicated person that genuinely wants to build other peoples' brands and businesses, not just for the money but I think he truly enjoys seeing other people being successful. 

It’s been a bit of a learning curve learning how the Seejepp team operates and handles everyday tasks. What new job isn’t a learning curve though? I feel right at home with all these guys nonetheless.

I have already gotten to do three photoshoots with awesome clients downtown Coeur d’ Alene and even one in Spokane, WA. Wonder Woman themed jewelry shoot, soaps and real estate are a few examples of the array of projects and clients I get to work with at Seejepp.

It’s a sweet location right downtown Coeur d’ Alene. Right next to coffee shops, food places and best of all, Tubbs Hill. Aside from the local perks, I have learned quite a bit from these talented guys. Shameless plug: I apply these tactics I learn at Seejepp to my own blog, Many great things are ahead for the Seejepp team and I am glad to be apart of it.