Public & Motivational Speaker

As a speaker, Corey equips people to master the art of communication, tap into their unique gifts, and find greater fulfillment in their modern lives. He is driven to ignite individuals and companies to reach their full potential. Sharing actionable steps forward to create personal growth in business, their personal lives and relationships.

He carefully crafts each message for the event, audience and age. No two speeches will be alike because no two events are alike. He believes in authenticity, transparency and delivering a speech that will forever change, for the better, the people in the room. His raw energy and unique perspectives are engaging and inspiring.

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Youth Outreach Programs
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Graduation Keynote Speaker
  • Seminar Leader Speaker
  • Business Panel Speaker
  • Industry Speaker
  • Transformational Speaker

With any event Corey will bring his witty personality, light hearted spirit and knowledge to your audience. He provides thought provoking content customized to your individual needs. Cut out the middle man with booking platforms and trust him as an expert. You won’t be disappointed!