Brand By Seejepp.


Some hard questions you should ask any branding agency are: What is the ROI on a logo? What value will you add to my business? How do you plan on helping me leverage my brand once it's created? If the company you are hiring can't answer with confidence & passion, you might want to rethink how to proceed.

Without simply giving out the "Colonels Secret Recipe", we can assure you, we'd LOVE the opportunity to answer these questions for you. Ultimately, optimal brand strategy is about both creation & execution.

At Seejepp, we are confident and eager to prove what we can accomplish for you. Our dedication to your brand and the work we deliver will show why branding matters. All it takes on your part is to meet with us to decide for yourself. 


A proper aesthetic is the key to first impressions. Color, design, and spacing are elements we use to generate emotions that communicate who you are at a glance. We want to build trust and make you impossible to forget. We don't just want to put you on the map, we want you to be the first thing everyone looks at.

Branding is not a logo. Branding is all about that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you think or hear about someone you love. It’s that trust you have when you know they’re involved. When they’re at bat, it’s that desire to see them hit a home run. We want your customers to feel that way about you, and that’s exactly what we’ll do.

Brand Guideline Documents

We always say - for anything in marketing to be effective, there must first be a solid foundation. That foundation is your branding. From the logo, to the color and fonts you use throughout the life of your business. Each time you stick to your foundation, you build strength within your brand. With each repetition, you reinforce and solidify your brand further.

Every client who hires us to work with them on the creation of that foundation receives a customized and detailed brand guideline to keep them on track and build that timeless brand that their company or organization deserves.

A well constructed brand guideline can be used to keep the entire company, staff & vendors on the same page when rolling out your brand through marketing & other various ways.

Branding Guidelines

Brand Logo Rollout Video

When you choose Seejepp to create and execute your brand, you receive a custom Logo Unveiling Video like the ones seen below. We've been known to organize large brand unveiling parties for clients and to roll them out on your social media channels. Since every project is so unique, the release of your logo is thoughtfully done together, with your input and approval.

A new brand strategy & logo is a special time, and should be given the attention it deserves. We feel a solid release and unveiling is essential to any entity, whether it's to your staff, your customers, or simply to your family and friends.